Jul. 4th, 2009 10:28 am
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There are many things about the current state of my country that bother me but that doesn't stop me from appreciating things like this Muppets 4th of July video.

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During my unpacking, I found a cartoon strip I had cut out of the newspaper 15 years ago. I thought to myself, "Self, I wonder if this is online now, so I can share it with my fabulous friends." Lo and behold, it is online! Here it is:

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Click on this for the BEST PIE CHART ever:

(via Serious Eats who got it from someone else and they got it from somewhere else, etc.)
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The latest piece of my childhood to disappear...Clue gets a makeover. Colonel Mustard will never be a football player in my mind!
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I was just about to watch a dvd when the thunderstorm started rolling in tonight; being a girl who is afraid of her electronics being zombified by electrical surges, I turned off and unplugged just about everything in my room. Thank goodness for books!

There I was, merrily reading about pirates (Empire of Blue Water, about Henry Morgan) when I realized that the rain was coming down so hard that it was coming in around the window air conditioner. A lot of water was coming in, in fact. I grabbed towels as quickly as I could (cursing the fact that I have only a few) and sopped up the mess as well as I could. I did remember to save one towel to use after tomorrow morning's shower, so I guess that's a good thing. And I saved my photos from the rain-soaked box that had been positioned under the waterfall.

I also heard the tornado sirens for the first time, though I had no idea what they were until it was safe enough to turn the computer back on and google. I suppose next time I'll know that I should go to the basement.

I'm not going to miss these summertime thunderstorms when I move back to the West Coast!
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I've been working on one of the most annoying projects I've ever been involved with - replacing the toilet seat in my bathroom.

Seems like it shouldn't be all that difficult - just unscrew the old seat and install the new. Problem is that it's a combination of plastic and metal keeping the seat on...a metal bolt and a plastic nut on each side...and the bolts are rusted. Those effin' plastic fasteners don't want to go anywhere!

I've been using a wrench to unscrew the plastic nuts and have managed to remove one of the two so far (I've been working on this for a total of about 90 minutes, in 30 minute increments). The wrench mutilates the plastic but oh well. What is super-annoying is that the side I'm still working on is the side closest to the tub, so I have to wedge myself in between the toilet and the tub and hold myself at a weird angle to get any kind of grip.

I'm cranky enough about it that I'm trying to come up with other ways of removing it...anyone want to bring me a blowtorch?
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Want to wake up to bacon? Check out this alarm clock:

Mmmm, bacon.
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Am I the only person watching SYTYCD who dislikes the choreography of Tyce D'Orio (forever known as Toasty Oreo in my brain)? I can't think of a routine of his that I've liked and can remember more than one time when his choreography has resulted in a flat performance.

Anyone? Bueller?
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I just saw this on

"Oh, the crazy, tasty things kids do these days. Albany, New Zealand-based gelato maker James Oliver of Zest Gelato is only 22 years old, but his unconventional flavors are already making a mark. His bacon-and-egg-flavored ice cream won a silver medal at this year's New Zealand Ice Cream Awards, while his manuka honey gelato and his toasted coconut, lime, and mascarpone ice cream both grabbed golds. He also won a silver medal for his poached pear and blue cheese ice cream, which contains pears Oliver poaches himself and chunks of blue cheese. This is not your father's French vanilla."

Someone tell me about the bacon and egg ice cream, please!
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I'm taking a friend to Hot Doug's for lunch today. There are several things on the specials menu that look delicious to me, so please help me decide.

Hot Doug's: Lunchtime Dilemma. What should I order?

Spicy Smoked Alligator Sausage with Shrimp Remoulade and Pepper Affinois Cheese

Cognac and Hazelnut Pheasant Sausage with Black Truffle Sauce Moutarde, Foie Gras Mousse and Sel Gris

Calvados-Infused Smoked Duck Sausage with Chili-Garlic Mayonnaise and St. Pete's Blue Cheese drizzled with Honey

Citrus-Burgundy Pork Sausage with Red Wine Grainy Dijon Mustard and Smoked Gouda Cheese

Portuguese LinguiƧa with Saffron Rouille and Castelinhos Cheese

Hot Doug's delicious corn dog

But before lunch, coffee. Love to all of you!

eta: damn, I forgot I can't do a real poll since I refuse to give them money. Just tell me in comments, 'kay?
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I've made quite a few loaves of bread in the past 6 weeks - though I think I'll be taking a break until summer is over - and have really enjoyed playing around with different variations.

However, after watching this video (via Serious, I think maybe I've been missing out on ways to make my bread EVEN BETTER.

Who Knew?

Jun. 6th, 2008 12:26 pm
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According to a food blog I was looking at, today is National Doughnut Day. Where's the doughnut parade and celebratory throwing of sprinkles?

In honor of this auspicious day, I give you two of my favorite donuts:

  • Malasadas. Mmmm, fried dough goodness. Here's the wiki entry about them: . I can vouch for the deliciousness of the malasadas at Leonard's in Hawaii.

  • The hot mini-doughnuts at the kiosk in Pike Place Market. As with the malasadas, they're best when eaten practically right out of the fryer, so the sugar is slightly melty. Plus, it's fun to watch them being made right in front of you! I have no idea if the little cart is still there in the market but I've seen them elsewhere too.

What are your favorites? Share the doughnut love!


Mar. 8th, 2008 11:13 pm
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[ profile] deeablo and [ profile] eep1313, I saw an awful movie tonight and immediately thought of you two.

Have you ever seen Kansas City Bomber? Click here for more about how bad it was. )


Mar. 6th, 2008 01:36 pm
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To The People Who Use Pseudophedrine To Make Illegal Drugs:

I hate you. The replacement drug in my cold medicine SUCKS and I hate you, hate you, hate you. Sure, I could go to the pharmacy window and sign my life away for the good stuff but Walgreen's had a buy one, get one free sale on the sucky stuff. So eff off, you sleazy drug makers who screw it up for the rest of us. Bitches.

To The Guys And Gals On Public Transit:

If I can smell your cologne from 6 feet away (even with my cold), YOU ARE WEARING TOO MUCH of it. Fragrance should not be able to reach out and wallop the people around you.
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Those words were from my bikram yoga instructor this morning.

Bikram is totally kicking my ass right now. It's the hot yoga - the room is at 105 degrees with about 50% humidity, and you're in there for at least 90 minutes.

Today was my third class and apparently the mild cold I thought was pretty much gone was not gone so much. I had no stamina and about halfway through the class I had to give up and just lie there on my yoga mat. BUT! I did stay in the room instead of running out screaming like I wanted.

It's probably a good thing I was meditating on not spontaneously combusting, otherwise I might have had a difficult time stifling my giggle when the instructor was going on about our tight, tight cobra tails.

Tight, tight cobra tail! Squeeze your cobra tail! (Can't you just hear Dieter from Sprockets saying that?)
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The other day I was having a long think about donuts, and how my perception of donuts - or doughnuts, if you'd prefer - has changed as I've gotten older. I considered posting my many, interesting, charming and witty thoughts here but never got around to it.

(As an aside, aren't all your "mental" posts that way? Really fabulous? Mine are, until I try to get them down in words.)

Anyway, I'm reading A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines about Kurt Godel and Alan Turing, both geniuses.

Then it strikes me: these men were thinking of answers to great philosophical and mathematical questions...and I'm thinking of donuts. That didn't make me feel very intelligent.

Still, mmmm donuts.
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Saving my money is sounding more difficult when I see things like The Police are playing at Allstate Arena with special guest Elvis Costello & The Imposters.

Elvis! Sting!

Dammit, I'm so tempted...
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I bought myself a page-a-day calendar this year - Forgotten English.

Some of my favorite words so far: ignify, womblety-cropt, and dismurderized.

Today's tidbit of interest also caught my dictionary loving attention:

Birthday of Sir James Murray (1837-1915), Scottish-born lexicographer... After determining that farm life was not for him...he continued the most ambitious literary undertaking of his era...unifying the myriad English dictionaries into a single comprehensive work. Using hundreds of thousands of small slips of paper organized in more than a thousand cubby-holes in a shed behind his home, loftily called the "Scriptorium," he personally wrote, sorted, and edited nearly half of the entries found in the first half of the New English Dictionary. This project, which eventually became the Oxford English Dictionary, required over half a century and 16,000 finished pages - several times Murray's original estimate.

Also, wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Rat!
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I love the question, "Can you outrun your friends?" HAHAHAHA!


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